Learn more about the methodology that has been changing our students’ lives.

Forever Vip English Course

Why has our methodology been making the difference?

Whether you are starting from scratch, or just a bit out of practice, it’s time to get fluent. Our course will take you from beginner to confident speaker.

100% online classes focused on conversation and pronunciation.

Learn common expressions used in everyday English language.

Learn Grammar with examples that illustrate real situations.

Full teaching material for students.

The content of the course has been developed in loco, based on the founder's practical experiences in the United States.

Daily use situations abroad.

The course is structured in thematic units, emphasizing everyday situations so that you will progress from introducing yourself to traveling abroad, using the phone and speaking informally.

Networking with other students and native speakers in an exclusive group.

Interaction with people from different cultures will expand your networking and will show you new perspectives on the world.

Improve your reading and writing skills in English.

In addition to the conversation practice, you’ll receive reading and writing activities so that you will learn how to express your ideas accurately.

Improve your listening skills.

The course has its own narrators, who reproduce the units of the books providing students with genuine audio material.

What will you learn in the course?

Volume 01:

  • - am/is/are (Verb to be)
  • - am/is/are (Questions / Subject and Object)
  • - I am working now (Present Continuous)
  • - Are you working? (Present Continuous - Questions)
  • - I do/work/travel etc (Simple Present)
  • - I/we/you/they don’t...He/she/it doesn’t...(Simple Present - Negative)
  • - Where do you study? (Simple Present – Questions)
  • - I go home/go downtown/go to work...(Prepositions)
  • - I am working (Present Continuous) and I study (Simple Present)
  • - I traveled/studied/went/drank/bought...(The Simple Past)
  • - I/me – he/him – they-them...etc (Personal Pronouns)
  • - my/his/her/their...etc. (Possessive)
  • - I/me – he/him – we/us – she/her...etc (Personal Pronouns)
  • - I didn’t/Did you...?/Did he...? (The Simple Past in negative and questions)
  • - I was/You were (Verb to be - Simple Past)
  • - I was studying/working/doing...etc (Past Continuous)
  • - I was studying (Past Continuous) and I did (The Simple Past Tense)
  • - Whose is this? It’s mine.
  • - I/me/my/mine...
  • - Myself / yourself / herself...etc.

Volume 02:

  • - I will win (Future)
  • - I’m going to study (Future)
  • - I can speak / You could study (Modal)
  • - Would you like?
  • - You should study more
  • - You must see it (Must)
  • - I may go to San Francisco (May/ Might)
  • - I have to go to the doctor (Have to)
  • - There is / There are / There was / There were
  • - There can be / There will be
  • - She is older than me (Superlative / Comparative)
  • - Are you? / Don’t you? (Tag Questions)
  • - Too / either / so Am I/ Neither do I
  • - As...as (Adverbs and Comparatives )
  • - Present Perfect I (I have studied)
  • - Present Perfect + Just
  • - Present Perfect + Ever
  • - Present Perfect + Already
  • - Present Perfect + Since + For
  • - Present Perfect (ANJEY in San Francisco)

Volume 03:

  • - I have been studying (Present Perfect Continuous)
  • - I had done (Past Perfect)
  • - I will be doing and I will have done (Future Continuous and Future Perfect)
  • - Be supposed to
  • - Passive (Is done / Was done)
  • - If I had...If we went (Clauses)
  • - A/An and One
  • - Talking hypothetically about the past
  • - Building Conversation (Manners and Travel Etiquete)
  • - Building Conversation (Careers)
  • - Reported Speech (Angie said that...She told me that...)
  • - Building Conversation I
  • - Building Conversation II
  • - Building Conversation (Grammar Points)
  • - Conversation
  • - Both / Either / Neither
  • - Building Conversation
  • - Conversation Strategies I
  • - Conversation Strategies II
  • - General Conversation
  • - GRAMMAR REVIEW (Very Important)

Laurinda Ferreira

The Founder

It has been ten years since I started working as an English teacher and truly committed to my career, I decided to leave Brazil in 2011 to broaden my knowledge about the English language.

It all started with an insight I had to take a course in Canada, however, the winds led me to the United States, and I ended up coming to San Francisco, California.

I first studied in the financial heart of San Francisco, and it was at Montgomery Street on January 12th, 2012 that “FOREVER” was born.

From then on, my life as well as my students’ lives have changed forever. Since I first came to the United States, I have not stopped traveling and growing, and it has been through my own experiences living the language in loco that I have been able to develop the course material.

I have met people from all over the world and have included some of them in the books as characters so that I could bring real life experience to the course. Thus, I have written mine, our story! Through the course, I have had the privilege to help others to study and enhance themselves, from co-workers to my own students who later flew off to San Francisco and expanded their horizons as a result of the knowledge they had acquired in our school, in addition to finding new opportunities in life based on the mastery of the universal language.

I will FOREVER be grateful to such a remarkable country that has kindly welcomed me, and from here, I will be sharing with you what i have learned in my never-ending process of improvement in the land of English.

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